Latest Trends in Home Curtains: Make Your Own Pleated Curtains

Curtains are probably one of the most significant parts of a house. It helps define the kind of people living inside and it also gives moms an avenue to unleash their creative side. Rather than having a plain- looking curtain, it would be more attractive to have something that will look more attractive by having intricate designs and styles. Aside from the prints, one good indicator of a nice and professionally- made looking curtains are the pleats. In keeping with the trends in home curtains, you will surely be delighted on the section regarding pleated curtains.

Now, pleated curtains can be downright expensive as they are difficult to make. Or so you thought. Actually, you can make your own pleated curtains with just a few materials and an ounce of effort for a little project.

Sewing Curtain Drapes and Pleats 101.

The first things you need to prepare are the materials:

1. A good fabric, you must ensure that you measure accordingly so that you will have enough.

2. A fabric lining, preferably a white, light- weight material.

3. A good quality curtain tapes, or pleat tapes.

4. Sewing kit (sewing machine, scissors, pins, and other sewing supplies)

With these few materials, you can already have great looking curtains or upgrade those old ones and transform them into pleated curtains.

For the tricky part, you need to actually sew the materials to complete your project. Of course it will take some time to finally create your own curtains but it really does not need you to be a genius or an expert tailor to have one. There are a lot of basic sewing tips you could find or have someone who actually knows how to sew teach you. But I take it that you have an idea how to complete this project and is just looking for tips on how to do it right and easy.

Since you now have the materials, it is high time to let you know about the tricks of the trade.

1. Keep your measurements will help if you put in allowances just to make sure you will not have a shortage of fabric upon folding it into pleats or the drapes.

2. Have a roomy workplace. You are going to work with a lot of fabric; it will help if you will have enough space to spread the fabric width.

3. Creating the daintiest drapes on top of the curtain is done by using curtain tapes. Choose your curtain tapes suppliers very well as quality matters if you want to have gorgeous curtains. The drape or border you created will look straighter if you sew them using a curtain or drapery tapes.

4. Stunning pleats are achievable if you are going to have your pleat tapes from reputable pleat tapes suppliers. Pleats are very intricate and should be made carefully thus it calls for the best materials you could muster.

Making your own pleated curtains is fun. More than keeping your house looking classy with stunning curtains, it could also help as a creative outlet for you to work on a little project that you can actually be proud of.

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